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“And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is severe in penalty.”

(Sura Al Maidah, Verse 2)

In line with the above Quranic verse, we are looking for collaborators to work with us in educating the society on the carrying out of Islamic values through our business partnership community based on the Ta’awun practice that leads to Goodwill and Taqwa.

Our reason for the collaboration is that we are seeking partnerships with like-minded businesses in all areas that also have a goal of seeing our society elevating Islam through businesses and CSR endeavours.

If you wish to discuss how your organisation can contribute through our collaboration, feel free to drop us a line at

Agents & Distributors

As part of our business expansion, we are offering business opportunities to interested parties to participate in our agent and dealership programme which we think is the most effective way to market our products to a wider market.

At Telaga Biru we provide Mentoring and Hand-holding programmes for all our agents and dealers through which we will share our lifelong acquired experience, knowledge, skills and abilities, to ensure they are aligned with our business philosophy and vision. This way we can grow together to provide the best product and services to all our customers locally and globally and by doing so will help foster the sustainable growth of our agents/dealers’ business.

As a recognition for our agents/dealers’ hard work and best efforts in driving our business forward, we will provide you with fair and attractive incentive packages and compensation plan and by doing so we hope to maintain long term business growth and partnership with you.

We are confident that this arrangement would provide your business with a real profile boost through our successful commercial enterprise ventures. It could also benefit the community through the strengthening of our products and services and continuing to give the best services and after sales support to our loyal customers.

Come and take a look at all our products ranging from Publications, Printing, Education, Travelling and Food Retailing which provide business opportunities or drop us a line at

Reuse & Recycles

In accordance with Islamic values which emphasize in cleanliness and purity, Telaga Biru has thrived in our Reuse and Recycle efforts to become stewards of the environment. We effectively use our Reuse and Recycle program to encourage people to take steps and act towards a sustainable environment.

We accept books or other paper-based reading items that are no longer in use which will be processed and turned into materials that can be used to manufacture and produce other printing items such as books, magazines, newsprint and so forth.

In our Reuse & Recycle program, we also encourage our community to send old and used books to us in exchange for vouchers which can be used for new book purchase at our HQ bookstore.

Contact us for me detail…

Exchange Quran

The correct and respectful way to dispose of Quran, according to the teachings of Islam is to return the material naturally to the earth.

As Muslims, we believe that the Quran contains the exact words of Allah; therefore the printed text itself should be treated with a great deal of respect. Majority of us do not know how to handle unused Quran or other printed materials which contain verses of Quran that is old, torn, or illegible due to the ink fading out. Proper handling of the Quran requires one to be in a state of purity and cleanliness and must be disposed of in a way which shows reverence to the holiness of the text.

We undertake this endeavour by having the public or organisations deliver the unused Quran to us to be sent to authorised agencies responsible for Quran disposal.

Contact us at for more details.

Magazine Subscription

For your reading pleasure, we offer the best deals on magazine subscriptions and single issues.

Get our 6 month to 1 year subscription for all our Best Sellers Magazines with No Hidden Costs and Best Price Guarantee.

Click at our Product Listing to choose your favourite Magazine to purchase online.

And we will deliver it to your doorstep.

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“And whatever wealth you spend in charity, it is for your own good. As you spend off your wealth to win Allah’s pleasure, you will be given full reward for whatever you spend and you will not be deprived in the least of your rightful due.”

(Sura Baqara: Verse 272)

Education is an area that requires huge funds for the construction of new schools, orphanages, assistance to the poor and other human needs. We therefore take the initiative to encourage our Muslim community to contribute their infaq or Sedekah to us through which the funds will be channelled for educational advancement and infrastructure development which can benefit our Muslim community.

Below is the list of our Infaq recipient:

  • Selayang Hospital Children Library

No 28, Jalan Tembaga SD 5/2A,
Sri Damansara Industrial Park,
52200, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.


03-62754070 / 03-62754515



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