Be A Writer

1.0 Introduction

Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd. is a publishing company that actively publishes Islamic reading material in Malaysia. We welcome you to join the group of authors under Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd. by sending a script that has the potential to become a book that is useful to all walks of life.

Want to know more about what scripts we need? Keep reading!

2.0 Genre

Authors can send any script to publishers related to any of the following genres :

  • Hadith
  • Encyclopedia / Reference Book
  • Prayer
  • Shariah
  • Women & Parenting
  • Children
  • Motivation
  • General

There are several genres listed below that are not currently a publisher’s priority and should be avoided :

  • Novels / Short Stories
  • Cuisine
  • Dictionary
  • Fairytale / fantasy
  • Rumors / controversies
  • Poetry
  • Hadith
  • Encyclopedia / Reference Book
  • Prayer
  • Shariah
  • Women & Parenting
  • Children
  • Motivation
  • General

3.0 Item in Scripts

The author should submit a script containing the following :

  • Synopsis
  • Scope of writing
  • Objective of writing
  • Target readers
  • Script requirements published
  • Complete content
  • Brief biography of the author

4.0 Script Criteria

The script submitted must meet the following criteria:

1. It has Islamic elements and values ​​of purity even in different genres.

2. Divided into six main fractions :

  • The author says
  • Introduction
  • Content debate
  • Conclusion
  • Glossary
  • Bibiliography (Reference)

3. Welcome / support pages, awards, dedication, and the like are optional. If it’s included, it’s better and adds value to the script.

4. For writing formats, too:

  • Software: Microsoft Word
  • Size: A4
  • Spacing between rows (1.5): 1.5
  • Type of writing: Times New Roman, Cambria, or others
  • Written size: 12
  • Language: The language spelling and neat arrangement
  • Page :
Book Types Number of Pages Notes
Encyclopedia, Reference Book 300>
Shariah, Hadith, Prayer, Women & Parenting, Motivation <300 Page can be overstated in the long run
General <200
Kids, Booklets <100 Examples : simple guide, prayer collection and remembrance

5. For the Quran and the Hadith, the necessary information is :

  • Quran : text and translation of verse, name and surah number, verse number.
  • Hadiths : mathematicians of hadiths, names of companions or companions, history (e.g. Al-Bukhari, Muslims, etc.), translation of hadiths.

6. Writers can create and suggest informative information in scripts such as pictures, charts, mind maps, and more.
7. The script submitted is not owned by anyone else, is copied, or is still under the rights of another publisher.

5.0 Script Delivery

Authors should submit scripts in two forms :

  • Hard copy : The script needs to be prepared in Microsoft Word format and will be used for evaluation. This script needs to be posted or mailed to the following address :
Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd.
28, Jalan Tembaga SD 5/2A,
Sri Damansara Industrial Park,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
(u.p.: Puan Nadirah binti Ab Waharp)

  • Soft copy : a complete script in the form of Microsoft Word that is not printed. This file should be sent to us after receiving a response that the script was accepted for publication.

6.0 Evaluation Process

Scripts sent and received by Telaga Biru Sdn. Bhd. will be evaluated first by the publisher’s evaluation panel, whether it is accepted for publication. This process takes 2-3 weeks and feedback will then be given to the author.

7.0 Contract Agreement

Scripts received after evaluation will be included in the list of publications and a publishing agreement will be entered into between the publisher and the author. For this purpose, the required information is :

  • Full name (eg in identity card)
  • Identification card number
  • Mailing address
  • Latest contact phone number (hp / home)

8.0 Script Publishing

Once the publishing agreement has been created, the editing and layout process will begin. In general, all of these things take about 3 months, with no other constraints and work to be done. In the second phase of the 2nd edit, a copy of the script will be given to the author for review within one week. After that, the correction should be communicated to the publisher.

9.0 Script Disapproval

Scripts that the publisher decides to accept will not be notified to the author. As such, the author is free to publish it with other publishers.

10.0 References

For any questions, please contact Mrs. Nadirah bint Ab Waharp at 03-62754070 or 03-62768057.


No 28, Jalan Tembaga SD 5/2A,
Sri Damansara Industrial Park,
52200, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.


03-62754070 / 03-62754515



Monday – Friday : 9 a.m – 6 p.m

Saturday : 9.30 a.m – 1 p.m

Sunday & Holiday : Closed


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